Kernel sources for balenaOS 2.107.13+rev1 for x86-64?

When device is flashed with generic86-64-ext/balenaOS 2.107.13+rev1 - it reports via uname kernel version 5.15.62. For some other versions, kernel sources are available at - but I wasn’t able to find them for any of 2.107.x - except 2.107.8, which reports 5.15.62 as well, but contains the sources for 5.15.54
Please advise


Are you using the GPT image? Try looking under generic-amd64 instead of genericx86-64-ext. For context, the generic-amd64 slug matches up to the Generic x86-64 (GPT) image on the dashboard, which aims to maintain parity in features and hardware support with the Legacy MBR image, but can have minor differences such as kernel version and required headers. Give this a go and let us know if it helps.