Path to generic x86-64 kernel headers

Hello. I need to build the kernel modules for NVidia GPUs for Generic x86_64 and I need the kernel headers to get started.

I found through this forum that for intel-nuc we can find them at${RESINOS_VERSION}/kernel_modules_headers.tar.gz for example, but I cannot figure out the right path for generic x86_64.

Also, is there a place where one can find the valid paths and how they are encoded to find the right URL in


ok I found it myself in the end. I used balena devices list to find out the exact name for the generic x86-64 device, so here it goes, for example:

Note that since balenaOS 2.95 there is no difference between a production image and development image (this difference has moved to config.json), so the URL has changed too. It is now:

That is correct, thanks for pointing this out!