dev image of genericx86-64-ext(2.89.15)?

I am trying to download 2.89.15 dev image of genericx86-64-ext, but couldn’t find:

$ balena os  versions genericx86-64-ext

The first one on the list is a production image…

How can I download the dev image instead?

Guys, any update here?

Where can I download the dev image of genericx86-64-ext?

The newest one I can find on the balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices website is BalenaOS 2.83.18+rev1. Hm, idk.


the currently latest official version for production and development are: (recommended)

I can see that you are explicitly using can you explain more on this? Why are you configuring the balena cli to use the staging environment? The device type v2.89.15 that you are seeing, could also be just a testing device type that is not even backed with real OS images.
Can you also explain why the release is not suitable for you?

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Hi, @fisehara

Since 2.87.26+rev1, balena now supports secure boot and full disk encryption using TPM2.0.

We’d like to use this feature on genericx86-64-ext devices.



Any update here? :slight_smile:

Hey Shane,

I’ve reached out to some people in our OS team, to ask about the secure boot work. I know that this feature touches a lot of different places in the product, so references to it will appear in various release notes, but I want to check whether the full work has been completed or not.

I’ll get back to you. :+1:

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Hey Shane,

I’ve spoken to the OS team, and the situation was as I thought:

There were many bits of functionality that needed to be developed, across multiple repos, for this feature to be completed. Most of them have been completed and merged, which is why you can see evidence in the release notes - but some are not yet deployed in production. We believe that we have now completed all of the development work, but such a significant feature is going to need pretty rigorous testing before it reaches customer devices. We don’t give estimates since we can’t predict the future, but this feels close. Watch the blog for an announcement, since we’re definitely going to be shouting about this. :slight_smile:


Hi, @phil-d-wilson
Thanks for your reply.

Where can I subscribe to your blogs so that I can get notified? :slight_smile:


Hi @scarlyon, we include all of our blogs in our monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to by scrolling down to the footer on where there is a box to add your email address to our mailing list :blush: We also include product updates and cool community contributions there too!