Connecting to Spotify leads to skipping tracks

Hey there,

Since last week I’m having the same issue with all my balena sound systems.
As soon as I want to connect my Spotify to balena sound, Spotify connects to it but only shows that it plays around 3 seconds and skips the Track then to the next one. There is no sound.

Here an example of the log (it does that everytime a new Track should be played):
spotify [2022-07-22T09:20:31Z INFO librespot_playback::player] Loading <Main Theme - Ron> with Spotify URI spotify:track:7E7HtKh5kZ78zJfm28stIn
spotify [2022-07-22T09:20:31Z ERROR librespot_core::channel] channel error: 2 1
spotify [2022-07-22T09:20:31Z ERROR librespot_playback::player] Unable to load encrypted file: ChannelError
spotify [2022-07-22T09:20:31Z WARN librespot_playback::player] Unable to load <SpotifyId { id: 333984203174024292994450426945046873747, audio_type: Track }>
spotify Skipping to next track

Anyone having the same issues? I had this issue with different BalenaOS.

Seems to be a problem with librespot (Suddenly unable to play any tracks · Issue #972 · librespot-org/librespot · GitHub).
As a temporary fix you can try to block in your router config. That should help.

Hi there, this issue is a well known issue as mentioned by the user above.

In the mean time, there is a pull request that updates this issue (Build version 0.4.2 of librespot by andrewn · Pull Request #2 · tmigone/librespot-docker · GitHub). However, you can manually build Balena sound by replacing the line FROM tmigone/librespot:0.3.1-pulseaudio to FROM andrewn/librespot:0.4.2-pulseaudio in balena-sound/Dockerfile.template at 29c6f27647d6f790c1fdf372c0b3b6da1142115c · balenalabs/balena-sound · GitHub before this PR is integrated into official repo