Command failed: cmd /c

Hi everyone,

I need Etcher to make my USB stick a Tails driver.

I’ve downloaded my Tails’ image and Etcher.

When I open Etcher, I can select my Tails’ image, my usb stick. I click on FLASH. Then my computer asks me if I allow the app to make modifications on my computer. I aswer “yes”.

So a message appears :

"Somethings went wrong

Command failed: cmd /c"

I know my image is fine, i checked it twice.

Also, I’m using a Windows 10 laptop
I’ll try on my Linux Mint laptop on tomorrow.

Any advice?
Thank you, have a nice day!!

Hi there, can you please provide relevant logging output, if any, from DevTools, which you can open by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I or Cmd+Alt+I depending on your platform link

My problem is solved!

I first downloaded the app from a link on the Tails website. I found out it was a “portable” version (it’s how it’s called in french, i don’t know in English, sorry) and it seemed to be for windows 8.

So i download Etcher from your website and now I got a brand new Tails driver in my hand.

Thanks for answering so fast!

Good to know, using the latest version of Etcher is always advisable.