Change wifi credentials

How to change the wifi credentials in a raspberry pi? Do i need to download a new image?


Hey @hecontreraso do you have physical access to the device? If you do, you can shutdown the device, mount the SD card on your dev computer, and on the resin-boot partition you can find a system-connections folder, which contains the NetworkManager config files. The default one is resin-wifi, and you can either update that file in the relevant sections (the ssid and psk variables are the relevant for you, I guess). Alternatively, if you want to be able to connect to multiple networks, you can make a copy of resin-wifi in that folder, and add your changes to the copy. The device will be able to connect to any network that has configuration in that folder, and can add that many configuration as you’d like. :fountain_pen:

Would this help?

Some more broader tools: there’s also the resin-wifi-connect project, that allows the device to bring up an Access Point whenever it cannot connect to the configured wifi network, and new network configuration can be added through there. It’s a bit more involved, but not too much more (we are putting a lot of effort making this project more user friendly and self-contained).


You have an awesome support. Thanks (:

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