Change Ethernet to WiFi Connection


How I can change the selection of Ethernet or WiFi in a deploy Raspberry Pi? Can I change some value in the files of SD Card? In this moment the RPI works with Ethernet but I have change to WiFi without reset the SD card.


Hi! You’d have to use dbus to talk to the NetworkManager that runs on the host. Check out - it’s a project that sets up an access point so that a user can connect to it and set wifi credentials.

It has a network manager node module that handles the dbus communications. Hope this helps!


Thanks for your response. And in a Raspberry Pi that is configured with WiFi connection, but change the SID and password, In wich file of SD Card I can change the SID and the password?


It’s inside the system-connections folder in the resin-boot partition, but you’d have to mount the SD card into your computer (as it’s not mounted into the container and we strongly recommend against doing it).


I have a serious problem. I have a important demo in a customer in an hours. The file resin-wifi is protected write and don’t permit rewrite this in Linux and Windows. I try remount the partition (RW) but not obtain modify this file. Help please!


In the moment of mount the partition the message is:
mount: /dev/mmcblk0p1 is write-protected, mounting read-only


Sorry. I apologize… The problem was a defect in the adapter MicroSD… I tried with other adapter and works fine the mount of partition… I changed the WiFi Settings and works fine… Thanks


@leandro glad to hear it worked! If in the future you want to have several wifi networks, you can add more files like that in the system-connections folder instead of changing that one, that way your device will remember all of the networks.

If you want to easily reconfigure wifi on your devices I still recommend you take a look and add resin-wifi-connect to your project.

Good luck with the demo!