Modify wifi configuration on BalenaOs with Screenly

Hi there!

I didn’t find a simple way to modify wifi configuration and connect my device without ethernet.

The initial configuration works find when I made SD card by creating an app with BalenaCloud wizard. 1/ copy .img file to SD card with Etcher 2/ put it in my Rpi 4 device 3/ start it and system connect to the internet well

Unfortunately, I moved my device to another place and SSID / pwd is different indeed.

How I can find a way to modify initial wifi setup with online terminal
Can I use VI or nano for example to change a configuration Raspbian boot files or somewhere else?
Do you think is something it’s possible to add in services variables than could take effect after rebooting device? (or kind-of?!)

Thank you for your answer!


If you have physical access to the SD-card. You can edit system-connections/balena-wifi-01 with your new wifi credentials. Using WiFi-connect as a service can also help if you set it up on your devices.

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Hi @iamsolankiamit,

Thanx for your prompt and very good answer!
As I have the capability to access to the SD card but didn’t have Linux OS right by my side…

  • Nevermind - I installed VM VirtualBox with Ubuntu 20.04 as main-test-LinuxOS, mount Gerenic SD card reader available in my ROG g752 (running on W10home), swap SD card from myRpi and I saw everything I ever saw since I mount the card by Etcher (Balena wizard to get Screenly on Pi).

4 partitions :

  • resin-boot
  • resin-data
  • resin-rootA
  • resin-rootB

I had the happiness to see files and directories (yes, i’m getting older and i’m pretty old, I’m defenetly a directories-man! :slight_smile: )

It was easy to edit system-connections/balena-wifi-01 (so simple, so ridiculous to me… I can say “shame on me!!!”)

Hope this sharing is helpful for the community

Thanx again @iamsolankiamit !!