change wifi config(SSID/Pass)

Please bare with me, I am a first time rasp pi user and first time BalenaOS user and thought all devices came standard with a text editor.

I am using a rasp pi zero W with balenaOS 2.48.0+rev 1. I configured the wifi settings appropriately and it connects to wifi just fine. I want to give it as a gift eventually however, I’ll need to change the wifi to the gift receivers wifi. I have gone into resin-boot and have tried opening the config.txt file however it doesn’t look like nano is installed and I am unsure where to install it from. I am ussure if this is even the right file that I need to be opening. I would greatly appreciate some clarification and direction on this :). I have the CLI downloaded as well but can’t seem to make heads or tails of how to get a bash command line interface.

Side question: is the web terminal the same as the CLI interface? Is the CLI interface able to do more?

Thanks for all the help!

Hi there, to change thee wifi credentials, I would take out the SD card from the Pi, mount it on your PC, and look for the resin-boot/system-connections/resin-wifi file (it may be called something like resin-wifi-01). You can modify this file with a text editor to change the credentials. I would do this on your PC rather than try to change it from within the device while its operational.

The default text editor installed is vi.

The CLI allows you to interact with devices via the command line on another machine instead of the dashboard ( You can manage applications or devices through the commands outlined on that page. The web terminal isn’t the CLI, it’s just a way to SSH into the device. The same effect can be achieved with the CLI command balena ssh <device uuid> for example. Hope this helps!