Changing WiFi details


I’d like to create two devices in the same application and then once they’re working ok on one WiFI network, change the SSID and password for one of the devices and then use it on a different WiFi network.

So, how do I change those settings please ?


Hi. You could use the webterminal to ssh in the hostOS and there you would simply change or add a new profile in /mnt/boot/system-connections/

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You can refer to the relevant docs here

Hope this is helpful

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Thanks folks.

Is there any more friendly editor that vi in there ? :grinning:

Only vi :slight_smile:

You can remove the SD card and mount it on your computer then edit the file with your preferred editor too

I decided to learn enough of vi to get by :grinning:

I noticed that the wifi file is actually called resin-wifi-01 rather than just resin-wifi as mentioned in the documentation that you referred me to.

I made a copy of resin-sample.ignore called resin-wifi-02 and added in my own WiFi credentials.

The guide mentions autoconnect-priority but then doesn’t go into more detail.

Would I add something like this to each file …

autoconnect-priority = 1


autoconnect-priority =2

… to force a connection to a specific network in the first instance ? If so, what is the wifi file naming convention ?

Or, are the filenames used to specify wifi network choices ? Would resin-wifi-01 be tried first ? And if that didn’t connect, would resin-wifi-02 be tried next ?

Or something else ?



For the benefit of others, I created the extra file resin-wifi-02 with the info for the other WiFi network, shut down the device and moved it to the new location. It then connected to the new network.

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Thanks Nigel for getting back with a response and glad the problem got resolved for you.