Can't upgrade to v2.12.3 rev1

hi all,

i have another problem, i can’t seem to upgrade resinos to v2.12.3. Im stuck at v2.9.6 and the status of ‘configuring’. I dunno if this is related to my other problem here

Can you clarify what’s the full resinOS version that you are using and what device type are you using?
Are you getting a specific error while trying to upgrade and if so on what stage?

In order to troubleshoot this further, we will need direct access to your app/device.
Would you mind to Grant Support Access from the actions menu of the device’s page and then send us the dashboard url of the device to investigate this further?

right now it is at version Resin OS 2.9.6+rev1 (prod). It’s an RPI 3b with an imst-ic880a-spi base. It is stuck at configuring status and no amount of reboot has changed that status. i can grant support access. where do i send the url for the dashboard?

We have sent you an email so that you can share with us the device url privately.

@maoie would it be fine if the app’s container stopped for a bit while we troubleshooting this?

Hi @maoie, we checked out the device, and see a number of update attempts on it.

Looked like the the attempted hostOS updates left some partial data behind, which caused the next update to run out of space.

We’ve fixed the device up and now updated to 2.12.3+rev1 as well. Let us know if there are any further issues! We are checking how we can make the host OS update recover by itself better as well.

thanks! :smiley: will check it now. any ideas what cause the update fails?

and what we can do if it happens again? :slight_smile: thanks!