ResinOS update failed


I Have a Raspberry Pi 3 that is failing to upgrade. Log file below.
Also, the device is not responding to reboot requests nor is updating the terminal at the website (it’s like the supervisor is not running).
The application container is working just fine.

root@xxxxxxx:/mnt/data/resinhup# cat
[000000001][LOG]Loading info from config.json
[000000001][LOG]Loading info from device-type.json
[000000001][LOG]Device type check: OK
[000000002][LOG]Target OS version “2.12.5+rev1” OK.
[000000002][LOG]VARIANT_ID: prod
[000000002][LOG]Host OS version “2.12.3+rev1” OK.
[000000002][LOG]Checking for manifest of
[000000006][LOG]Manifest found, good to go…
[000000006][LOG]No resin-device-progress fix is required…
[000000006][LOG]No supervisor updater fix is required…
[000000007][LOG]hostapp-update command exists, use that for update
[000000008][LOG]Running pre-update fixes for raspberrypi3
Removing start_db.elf from boot partition
Removing fixup_db.dat from boot partition
[000000008][LOG]Starting hostapp-update
Deleted: sha256:75d9f51636d509033f08bfaf572c073d50f433646a30e061dfb05257467ad290
Deleted: sha256:5942324dd17837c0552a6f439ef3c601c3b1f781c127278d162a61f1689e0c9d
2.12.5_rev1-raspberrypi3: Pulling from resin/resinos
0e4760eb8ffa: Pulling fs layer
0e4760eb8ffa: Ready to download
failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): unexpected EOF
[000000367][ERROR]hostapp-update has failed…-

Hi, it looks like there’s a network issue during the update so the pull never finished properly, just bailed out.

You should be able to reboot the device from the host OS web terminal, and restart the device.

On the other hand, the supervisor issue is such that I think was handled in the newer OS version. The host OS update on these new versions keep both the supervisor and the user container running.

If you need direct help after this ^^ above, just let us know and we’re here to assist!