Can't get past Splash Screen

I am requesting assistance getting my first Balena dashboard set up.

I have been going through the walk-thru on the blog (make-a-web-frame-with-raspberry-pi-in-30-minutes)

Hardware: Raspberry PI 3B+
Balena OS: 2.38.0+rev1 (though scaling it back to earlier version would help, but it does not)
Supervisor Version: 9.15.7
Monitor w/HDMI connection

I can see the PI on the Balena Dashboard, issue restart and reboot commands with no problem. I can also upload the Balena Dash to the PI using the ‘push’ command. The ‘flash screen’ (lightbulb command) does not do anything either.

The problem is that it never get’s past the Splash Screen. I have held off on pushing anything to the PI in hopes someone can assist.

Can someone please advise on what the issue may be? I did change the device GPU config variable to 396. No other changes.

Hey @dandspach welcome to the forums. I’ve just set up a test device with the same version as you and it seemed to work fine via HDMI. Can I check you’ve set the WPE_URL parameter, or if not are you telling the device which page to show with the Tohora web interface instead? If you don’t do one of these things it will sit on the splash screen until told what to do. Let me know!

If you’re still having issues it would be great if you could enable support access for your device and share the dashboard URL here. It will then let myself and my colleagues take a look at your device and see if we can see anything wrong.

Just to confirm though, I can reproduce issues with 2.41.0+rev3 - I get the symptoms you describe on that OS version but 2.38.0+rev1 is working OK.

Chris, thank you for the quick response and warm welcome.

Some questions:

  1. Should I go ahead a re-push the Balena Dash into the Pi or, is there a setting I can change now to see if it responds?

  2. When you say " Can I check you’ve set the WPE_URL parameter?" Do you assume I already have the Dash uploaded and am now changing one of the Device or Service variables?

Thanks. I’ll try it again and then open it up to you if I still can’t get it.

Thanks again.

Of course :slight_smile:

If you’re still running balenaOS 2.38.0+rev1 and have already push the application you’re all set. With regards to WPE_URL I was assuming you had already successfully uploaded the dash application to the device, then yes you would add a device variable called WPE_URL and put in a web address such as Without being told what address to show the app will sit on the balenaOS splash screen forever.

The alternative is to use the web interface by visiting the IP of your device in a browser on port 8080, e.g. http://<deviceip>:8080, then you’ll be able to change what’s shown like that too.

I hope this helps!