No image other than the balena logo

Like the title says no image other than the balena logo

Hi there, can you please provide a bit of additional information or context on what type of device you are using, how you deployed the device, and what project you have cloned and pushed to the device? Just as a quick note, the default behavior with no other workloads taking over the framebuffer, is to only display the balena logo…So your device may actually be working as intended! Thanks!

Hi I am using a Raspberry PI 4 with 4 GB of Ram. And I am trying to load balena-dash. I have set a WPE_URL

Thanks for the additional information! Make sure you have also increased the GPU memory, as per this note in the Guide:

“Use of balenaDash requires that you allocate more memory to the GPU. This is achieved by adding (or editing the existing) the Device configuration variable RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem, for this project we recommend setting it to 396.”

I have done thatScreenshot 2020-03-03 at 18.08.43

Ah, I just realized you mentioned you are using a Raspberry Pi 4. This project does not work on the Raspberry Pi 4, as we only provide 64-bit OS for the Pi 4, and one of the project dependencies (WPE) only works on 32-bit OS’es. You will need to use a Raspberry Pi 3 for this project, sorry for the confusion!