Cannot output sound from Pi 4 - raspbian/pios to balenasound


Love the project - happy with my two balenasound devices, but ironically I can’t seem to send sound output from my raspberry Pi OS’s to the balenasound device.

It discovers under bluetooth devices (eventually coming up with the name), but refuses to send sound to it.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi, could you please specify which RPI model you’re using? (3B, etc.) and if you’re using different models, too

Hi Thundron, thanks for responding.

I’m on RPi 4Bs for the balenasound devices and raspbian buster

Hi there, let me see if I get your setup right.

  • You are running balenaSound on a Pi 4B
  • Running another Pi 4B with RaspbianOS
  • On the RaspbianOS Pi, you go to bluetooth connections, the balenaSound device eventually shows up, you connect but don’t get any audio out.

Is this correct?

Also, it would be useful to get some debug information. Did you see anything relevant in the logs when you connected via bluetooth or when you start streaming audio?