Cannot access flash drive


When trying to write an .iso file to a flash drive in Windows 10 with C:\etcher-cli>balena-etcher --check “New Image File.iso” drive 1 --unmount, I get the following error:

This should should be run with root/administrator permissions.

This tool requires special permissions to write to external drives

I have administrator privileges. Does anyone know what might be causing this?


Did you launch cmd.exe as administrator?

  • Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Accessories.
  • Right-click Command prompt, and then click Run as administrator.


Thanks @jason10. That seemed to work, but now I get this:

C:\etcher-cli>balena-etcher --check “New Image File.iso” drive 1 --unmount
Could not locate the bindings file. Tried:
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\build\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\build\Debug\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\build\Release\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\out\Debug\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\Debug\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\out\Release\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\Release\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\build\default\drivelist.node
→ C:\snapshot\balena-etcher-cli-1.4.9-windows-x64-app\compiled\6.10.3\win32\x64\drivelist.node



@kdobkins I don’t have any more suggestion other than to try the chat feature to reach the balenaEtcher support team. Just post a link to this issue and ask for help. Usually the are good at doing that but my initial suggestion may have left them assuming that one of their team was following this question.