Feature request: Parameter local flash including <target drive>

Hi there,

I would like to use Balena to mass-flash my RPi Images.

Therefore I wrote a simple C++ program running on Windows 10. (Linux is not an option, as the person, who will be in charge of mass-flash images only runs a Windows PC)

I need BalenaEtcher as a flashing engine accessible from CLI.

Right now I am using etcher v1.1.2 as this is the only command line etcher version, that actually works on windows. etcher Windows 10 issue
v1.1.2 is not very stable, as it sometime stops writing until I press any key, but it works…

I would like to use the more modern (and hopefully stable) Balena-CLI

Here comes my feature request: Is it possible to extend the parameter local flash to take not only the image, but the target drive as well?

A call would look like:

.\balena.exe local flash "image.img" "\\.\PhysicalDrive1"

Right now I am getting an error:
Unexpected argument: \\.\PhysicalDrive1

Thank you!

Best regards,

Hello LeFish, we should have some examples on etcher-sdk that can do that. However you will need to install node, npm and ts-node to run it.

Let us know if that works for you.

Hi, you can use the typescript example here etcher-sdk/multi-destination.ts at master · balena-io-modules/etcher-sdk · GitHub and run it with the ts-node package, though that requires you to clone the etcher-sdk repository and install the development resources first