Bluetooth receiver project- can't push

Hey all,

I’m following this step-by-step guide to turn my pi into a bluetooth receiver.
I got stuck at the part where I need to “push” the code.
Because I never installed the “sound master” zip files on the pi, so it wouldnt run, right?
It asks me to do this trough the project directory, but in what directory should it be?

thanks for the help in advance.

Hi @ilookerotic , welcome to the forums! So the zip file doesn’t need to go directly onto the pi, you use the balenaCLoud build system to push it over to the device. Do you have the balena cli installed on your laptop? If you already do, you just need to download and unzip . Then from the command line you change into that folder and push.

with balena CLI:

$ cd /sound-master
$ balena push my-project-name-on-balena-cloud

You should then get a ascii unicorn when the push has succeeded.