Cannot figure out how to push project to RPI

I am trying to set up BalenaSound on Raspberry Pi 4 using these instructions. I am at step 2 “Push the project code to your Raspberry Pi”. I am just not understanding how to push the code to the RPI. I have downloaded it from GitHub and extracted it. I have also run the “balena CLI” executable file. Do I push this through the terminal window of the device on BalenaCloud?


As it’s said in the guide you linked, balena push command needs to be run from your own workstation/laptop where you extracted the source code:

From within the unzipped project directory (use cd to change directories), execute balena push , where appName is the application name you set earlier in the guide.

You also need to execute balena login command before doing balena push, so that the command line tool can interact with balenaCloud servers and have access to your application.

BTW, once it works, you can read up more information about deploying apps with balena here:


install balena cli
git clone your repo
cd repo
balena login
balena push

easy ?

but why cant i push directly from github or gitlab without having to download it locally ?

Hi there is a community maintained GitHub action for Balena push, that might make it easier to do your device deployment when you have setup this action on your repository you can just push your changes to GitHub and GitHub will update your device(s).

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cool thanks will try it out

Thanks! I did not realize that was intended for the command prompt. All good now.