No bluetooth and push problem for balenaSound.


I started with balenaSound but i’m having problems getting it working.
I created a fleet, added a device (Raspberry pi 4B / Rpi 4B), downloaded balena OS
and made the MicroSD cards (for 2 Rpi 4B’s).
The Rpi’s work fine and they show up online.
However i can not find the balenaSound Bluetooth the Rpi’s should be sending out.
The balanaSound Bluetooth does not show up on my phone or other computer.

Next i used the “Create release” option from the balenaSound dashboard.
I added the PATH command for the CLI tool to work everywhere.
Login works fine (web authorisation).
But when i enter the “balena push [NAME]” i get the following error.
Error: no “Dockerfile[.*]”, “docker-compose.yml” or “package.json” file
found in source folder “.”

When i made the MicroSD cards i downloaded the OS and also the config file.
Should i “push” the config file ?

Who can help me getting balanaSound to work ?
I’m new with balenaSound, so a explanation for “noobs” would be appreciated.

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Hello, it sounds like you need to clone the balenaSound repository (GitHub - balena-labs-projects/balena-sound: Build a single or multi-room streamer for an existing audio device using a Raspberry Pi! Supports Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify Connect) to your development machine, and then do the CLI balena push from that folder. There’s also an easier way: in the balenaSound repository, click the “Deploy with balena” blue button, click the “use an existing fleet instead” link and select your fleet from the list.
Either way, it should push the code to your devices in the fleet and balenaSound should start. Let us know if you need additional help!