Blank screen after installation on Windows 10

I have downloaded the balenaEtcher-Setup 1.5.56 for Windows 10.
I have install it with administrator rights.
By running it I only have a blank screen.

I have tried to re-download and re-install; always have a blank screen.

Is there any solution?

Can you try pressing Ctrl + Alt + I while the window is focused and send us any interesting logs that appear in there?
Could you also check whether the portable version has the same issue for you?

Ctrl + Alt + I —> nothing happens

Portable version has the same problems Blank screen and no logs by Ctrl + Alt + I

Oh sorry my bad, the shortcut for the dev tools is Ctrl + Shift + I.
With that open, you can then do Ctrl + R to reload so that we can get all the logs.

Can you also try to start etcher as a administrator, just to check whether this is a permissions related issue.
Also, have you been able to use an older version of etcher without facing this issue?

now I can get the DevTool but always get the same message by reloadig

I always run it as administrator.

I had an older version runnibg on another PC with Windows 10 and it worked perfectly.
It was last year and I don’t remember wich version it was

Hi, can you try reloading (ctrl + r in the DevTools) with the Console tab focused? There you can also enable logs persistence in the Console settings, which will keep logs even after the reload