balenaSound not running all services on Raspberry Pi v1

Hi guys

I’ve recently deployed a balenaSound release to an old Raspberry Pi v1.

Unfortunately I don’t get all services up and running. I’ve restarted the Raspberry Pi multiple times and every time other services are up and running. It seems impossible to get all services up and running at the same time. :grin:

I’ve granted balena support for a period of 1 week. Is it possible to check my device with UUID 35894abe2b4b7c2612aa8271b9d39063?

FYI: I’m testing balenaSound on an old Raspberry Pi before buying new ones, I won’t use this old Raspberry Pi in a production environment.


Hi there, I’ve checked out your device, and found no smoking gun. Can you tell me how you deployed balenaSound to your Pi? Did you click on “Deploy With balena” from the GitHub repository, or did you use another method?

Hi @jakogut

Yes I’ve used the ‘Deploy with balena’ feature based on this tutorial:

Would it be possible that this is caused by the old Raspberry Pi or an old microSD card (I’m using an adapter)?

I’ve searched for some model numbers to specify the devices (don’t know if this is of any help);

  • Raspberry Pi v1 2011.12
  • Kingston microSD adapter
  • Kingston microSDHC I1 SDC10/32GB N0531-002.A00LF

Or do you have any other thoughts?


While we didn’t see any definite signs of malfunctioning hardware, it is not outside the realm of possibilities given the old components.

In general, it’s a good idea to do some testing on the actual hardware you’re planning to use, so I’d suggest to try it on a more recent RPi and see how that compares :slight_smile:

Hi @pranasziaukas

I’m of the same opinion, I’ll do that!