balenaSound no services on raspberry pi 3b

Hello, I am new to this, sorry if my question is trivial. I flashed an SD card and booted up the raspberry pi. The device shows up in balenaCloud and i can connect to the terminal. However I see no services. I also can not connect bluetooth audio.

I’m glad to help you get this set up! It sounds like you have balenaOS running on your Pi, so the next step is to deploy the balenaSound application on to your device. You can use the “Deploy with Balena” button (at the bottom of this page: which is easiest, or install the CLI and push it yourself. Did you already perform one of those steps? Does the “current release” on your device’s page show “Factory build” or an ID?

Hello, thank you for the quick reply. I have not performed those steps. I guess that is where i went wrong. It states factory build. I deployed with balena as you suggested and it worked like a charm. Thank you.

You’re welcome, enjoy balenaSound!