no containers or services get set up on initial start-up, turning awesome project into brick

I’ve followed the instructions for this project , using a RPi 3b +, and I don’t seem to have any containers or services running. SO, I can’t seem to stream from it via bluetooth or any other form. which gives me a very nice brick. I’ve tried to image / provision it multiple times. I get the same results.

Hi @Da_B00M,

The screenshot you provided shows the container/service called “main” is running. Can you provide us with a little more information about the project you’re trying to run? balenaSound?


that was following the step-by step directions found here

and that is the container that was made from following those steps. My original intent was to turn it into a Bluetooth music player.

after watching some youtube videos I expected it to load bluetooth, or a spotify, or something that would allow me to play/ stream music from this device.

Hi @Da_BOOM,

I see. Did you use the Deploy with balena button or did you deploy using balenaCLI and balena push <app-name>? Using the button from the site you referenced should automatically load the code to your balenaCloud application. At that point, you can click “Add device” to download an image to flash to an SD card.

Looking at the device type in your screenshot, I notice you’re running the 64-bit OS version. That should only be used if your RPi 3 supports that architecture. Otherwise, you should try the non-32-bit version.


So, the results I got with that screenshot were using balenaCLI and balena push .
I had exactly the same results using the 32- bit version. And I also added a device to see if the second one I made for each image would differ than the initial version.

Hi there,

Can you try deploying via the Deploy with balena button? My suspicion is that you may have balena pushed a single service rather than the whole project, so the button will help us eliminate that.

Please let us know!