[balenaSound] Control volume for clients in CLIENT_ONLY_MULTI_ROOM mode

Hi guys,

The new CLIENT_ONLY_MULTI_ROOM setting is quite handy as I only have one ‘server’ to send music everywhere in the house. However, the volume on some of the clients I use is very high while the one on others is too low. Is there a way to control that? I can’t no longer seem to be able to access alsamixer and the clients do not show up in the snapcast app (maybe due my crappy network config though).


Hi @br3wal i think it might be possible to set the max system volume per device using an Env var as described in this section: https://github.com/balenalabs/balena-sound#set-output-volumes . Have you tried that yet?

No, not yet. Omw :wink:

Great, let us know if it has the desired result!