Volume control by equipment


I try to be able to control the volume of my Balenasound independently.

I have (for the moment) 2 Balenasound RPI3+, all work perfectly, but i want to control the volume +/- by equipment.
Currently when I send music to one of the equipment I control by spotify, but I cannot lower the sound level of a room.

I tried by snapcast.net but I only see the server being published, I cannot control the children (player)

Is there an app or a way to control each player?

Thx for help

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Hi there, would https://github.com/balenalabs/balena-sound/issues/195 be something related to what you are trying to achieve? Maybe adding a comment there about your use-case would help push the priority of the issue, or you can open a new issue so it’s easier for us to track it. Thanks!

Hi there, balenaSound dev here. There are currently a few options you can try to control volume for each player.

  • The SOUND_VOLUME environment variable can be used to set a predefined volume to be applied on boot for each device. You can set different values for each device, or set one value that applies to all devices under your app. Check out our docs for more info about this.
  • Using the not so secret “secret UI” we built. This allows you to dynamically change volume level (though they won’t persist across reboots) for each device. You can access it going to http://<DEVICE_IP>:3000/secret where <DEVICE_IP> is the IP address of the device in question. Note that this UI is still in experimental phase, it will likely change a lot in the near future (and it might not work flawlessly yet).

Let me know if this helps, cheers!

BTW, you’ll notice you can’t control volumes for all devices from a single place. That’s one of the things that will change, allowing you to control all devices from the UI of the master server, though this is still in the works.

Hey, hello all,

Thx for repply, i think i can dev a little app for control via ui secret (sending control via Web page)

I Check this and test and back for repply.

But if you modify the ui on Master for control its realy an good idea.

Hi, that definitely makes sense for now. The GH link Tomas provided above (https://github.com/balenalabs/balena-sound/issues/195) should solve this issue down the road once we have a centralized audio service to manage multi-room volume from, so please keep an eye on it. In the meantime, if you’re willing, we’d love to see your GH repo to understand how you accommodate it for now. Thanks again for sharing your feedback and use-case!


I have make mi test, and find to control over android app multiple device.
Im not dev, i use https://appinventor.mit.edu/
With hard coding all work great.

Great! Thanks for letting us know.