Using a (snapclient?) client to control volume / mute BalenaSound

Hi there!

I have recently set up balenaSound on my device and I am looking to potentially expand it for multi room audio. However one thing I definitely want to be able to do is interface with each client to be able to control volume of or mute each device.

I downloaded the iPhone Snapclient and was able to connect to the server, and it shows two items, one each having a fader. One is iPhone (client) and the other is the Raspberry Pi running balena-sound.

So what are my options?

  1. Snapcast Client iOS (Looks terrible, only has sliders and no mute button)
  2. Write my own client app. (Where are the docs for the API?)
  3. I noticed there is a web server serving an site on the server that has a “Device Volume” slider, however devtools networking is showing a 500 error (error: "PARequest timed out.") when adjusting the volume, or using any of the controls. I would assume that if this was working and I went this route, I’d have to know the IP’s of each client to change volume?

I’d love to create a little app/interface to do this but I’m feeling a bit lost in the architecture/options and wondering what others have done?