BalenaSound, Multiroom Audio Not Working, Missing Device Latency Value (Solved)

Hi All,

Recently spun up some Raspberry Pis with BalenaSound (Host OS balenaOS 2.50.1+rev1) but ended up with no audio.

Checking out the terminal I noticed that the snapcast server was complaining there was no value provided for device latency. Setting a fleet wide variable for DEVICE_LATENCY resolved the issue.

Hopefully this might help someone else if they encounter the same issue.

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Hi Antar, welcome to the forums and thanks for checking out balenaSound!
This is indeed not the intended behavior, it should work even without providing the env variable. I’ll make sure we fix this, thanks for reporting it!

Just patched this, should be working as of balenaSound v2.4.1
Thanks once again for letting us know!

Struggled for a few hours with this same issue. Wasn’t getting any audio over HDMI or 3.5mm unless I disabled multi-room. Almost gave up on Balenasound but glad I saw this post. I wish I would’ve looked at the errors from snapcast-client more closely a few hours ago. Thanks for catching this @Antar

Thanks very much tmigone.

How do I get it to update to the latest release? I’ve checked the file for snapclient and it’s still the old version of the file.

@Antar hey there, if you used the ‘Deploy with balena’ button, to get the latest release you can click the button again which will create a new balenaCloud application with updated code, then you can move your device(s) from the old app to the new one. Any configuration vars you have set up on the device will be moved as well.

If you pushed the app with the balena CLI, you need to download the latest code from GitHub and push it again in the same way you did before. You can push to the same app that already contains your devices and they’ll be updated to the latest version.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @tmigone and @chrisys, everything is working perfectly now. Great project and thanks very much to all those involved in creating it.

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