❤️ balenaSound + Multiroom audio control questions

Hello everyone! I am a couple of years into running a whole-house audio system on Raspberry Pi’s (2 v4’s with a one Zero W so far); first with Volumio a few years ago, then on and off between balenaSound and Max2Play. I have settled for now on balenaSound because of its modern lightweight modular architecture and much better stability, as well as active development. Max2play would never stay working for long. It probably worked correctly about 60% of the time… not good. But when it was working it was AWESOME… especially the control of each player and it’s volume through many mechanisms, such as web UI (worked well, although outdated looking), and the incredible iPeng IOS app with all its detailed control over volume and skipping songs on Spotify, which the wife and sorely miss since moving to balenaSound. The other thing besides individual volume control and skipping tracks via iPeng and the Web Ui that we used a lot with Max2Play was the ability to turn individual rooms on and off as needed by powering the software LMS player on and off for that room.

Is there any way to use the balenaSound system as a base but stream to LMS (Logitech) players? And/or allow LMS controls like iPeng offers?

Is there any other way to individually control rooms using the software in a multi-room system with balenaSound? I was able to find the hidden web UI with a volume slider, but that only seems to work for the source device that is streaming audio throughout the house, or a single device playing audio locally… I also brought up the new snapweb snapcast app, but that is also not working correctly, as it only shows two of my three players at any time, and it’s hard to tell what’s what in the interface (I understand that is an early work in progress as well).

Anyway, that’s my backstory with this stuff… if anyone has input, I’d be glad to hear it! I have to say balenaSound is absolutely amazing even though lacking (for me) in certain ways. I understand it is a work in progress (and free)… awesome work it is! Thank you, devs, for all your hard work on this project!; It’s exciting to see it get constantly updated and improved! :nerd_face:

PS - I would like to contribute to this project myself, however, my programming skills are, ummm, how do I put this… junior level at best.

Hi Scott, and thanks for the kind words. I would worry about being too “junior”…you might take a look through our GitHub Issues and see if there are things you can fix, or, documentation is just as critical for users. to answer your questions though, I am not aware of any specific Logitech or LMS controls, native to balenaSound. Let’s see if anyone else from the community chimes in with solutions, however.

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