BalenaSound - Airplay works with my Ipad not with my iPhone

Hey awesome community
I just discover this crazy project!
Kudos for the contributors :raised_hands:

I’m wondering if someone met the same problem. I’m able to stream via Airplay from my Ipad Pro but when I tried with my Iphone - A golden silence takes place!

Any clue?


Hi @Kaisus, welcome to the balena forums.

A golden silence takes place!

Made me LOL.

First question; are there any errors logged by the device? You can check this in the balenaCloud UI.


Also, can you tell us what version of balena Sound you deployed to your device? And could you try disabling multi room like it says here ? you can disable it by adding an environment variable called DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM to your app with a value of 1

Thanks for your quick answers!
@jimsynz NO error - in the logs.
@floion I already set the variable to 1 because I was not able to hear any sound before.
Not sure where to find version of balena Sound but the id of the release is 60e754a3a4c522ae049970473c23418e

Where you cloned the project, git log --decorate should say what version it is.
Ok, since you had set it before, can you quickly toggle that var to enabled again? Just as a quick test

I used the Balena Deploy Button - I’m not a GIT warrior - Sorry :sweat_smile:
I removed the DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM var and now I entered into an infinite loop of Service exited ‘snapcast-client’

The main result is now nothing is working - I can send my spotify stream of my HIFI but there is no sound.

I saw on the github that a fix was released (2.4.1) is there an easy way to get from the Balena Cloud UI :innocent: Thanks

Ok. Then please disable it back again and try to change the volume as per Problems with output volume ?

I set the var SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME to 100. I tried to stream a video sound through my Iphone via Airplay. No sound is coming out.

A big mystery
Thanks for your time

Hey @Kaisus one of my colleagues has suggested trying to update to the latest 2.4.1 version as a good starting point to further debug this.

Hey @shaunmulligan thanks for the reply!
is there a non-tech heavy (without any git-clone stuff :joy:) solution through your BalenaCloud UI?

Hi @Kaisus If you go to the balenaSound github page ( ) there is a “deploy with balena” button underneath “Setup and configuration”. Clicking that will allow you to download an image of the latest balenaSound version without having to git clone or download the source code.

Hey @lucianbuzzo I did what you recommended. With the new release all is working fine - The airplay is now working well through my iphone and no more snapcast-client unexpected exits!
Congrats to the team :muscle:t6:

Glad to hear you got it working, enjoy your balena-sound!