Problems with output volume

I’m new to the world of Raspberry Pi and actually bought one because I discovered balena Sound. Everything downloaded and built exactly as I in the project tutorial and, after having to do it all over again when I discovered that it didn’t run on the 64-bit OS, the Pi is streaming sound over Bluetooth and Airplay - just very quietly.

I found a post on the forum about the same issue and the answer was to use alsamixer to up the volume, which works great for me until I disconnect the terminal session and the volume reverts back to a whisper. How do I make that change persistent?

I’ve also seen reference to an environment variable for the system volume and found the following line in the script but I’m not sure what to change the value to


Can anyone shed any light?


You can change the value of SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME by defining a device environment variable in the balena dashboard. The name of the variable should be SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME and the value can be any number from 0 to 100. This should set the default volume. Otherwise you should be able to change the volume at the device that you use to stream music to the pi.

I hope this helps.