BalenaOS stuck at splash screen and offline


I met a problem that BalenaOS is stuck at the splash screen. like what showed in picture, it stuck after the booting command.

Hardward infomation:
CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-core
Mainboard: ASRock TRX40 CREATOR TRX40
RAM: 4x 16GB Non-ECC KVR32N22S8/16
Storage: 1y 500 GB M.2 MZ-VBP500BW

Camera: Zivid Two Rev B3

BalenaOS 2.98.33

The vision system for RoSi consists of camera, vision PC with software from Fizyr and potentially lighting. With the use of deep learning and machine learning algorithms, they calculate the positions of unknown objects.

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Hello @zmtlandl welcome to the balena community!

Did the application work before? what change did you perform? Is there any service not running properly? what errors do you get on your Logs?

awl-parcel-vanderlande-zivid-genicam_awl-rosi-us-30.05.23_16_04_08_(-0400).txt (151.1 KB)

Hi mpous:

Yes, it works before. It sometimes will be offline for no reason. When I restart the computer, it will stuck at the splash screen and give me a black screen. I don’t do any changes about it. I attached the logs file here. Would you mind telling me how to solve it?

Best regards

Hi, the attached file contains application logs - what we need to help you debug this is a diagnostics log from the balenaCloud dashboard.