Balena photo-slideshow get stuck at splash screen

I’m quite a a newbie at Balena platform. I was following this tutorial to build a photo gallery on my raspberry 4.

I clicked the “deploy with balena” button to create an application in balenaCloud. I booted the raspberry 4 with the image I downloaded from the project. Everything works until I come to the step setting the device variable GALLERY_URL. I set an Apple photo album’s public url to this variable but the application doesn’t restart. After I reboot the device from balenaCloud dashboard, it stuck on splash screen. The photos are never loaded.

On balenaCloud dashboard, I could read:
status: online
device type: Raspberry Pi 4 (using 64bit OS)
host os version: balenaOS 2.73.1+rev1
supervisor version: 12.4.6

Can anyone help me to continue this project?

I repeated the steps in tutorial and found that: when I click the “deploy with balena” button, balenaCould shows a warning “The balena.yml contract in the repository is invalid”.

The error also shows when I try to do a balena push of this project via balena CLI.

Sorry for the delayed reply @lionhylra, and welcome to the Forums!

I will take a look at the repo this weekend, and try to build one this weekend. It was definitely working a few days ago, but, I’ll check to see if something broke. We’ll get you sorted out and get your Photo Gallery going. :slight_smile:

Can confirm the same experience. I’ve previously deployed several very customized applications on Balena, and just this once I got the chance to impress someone by quickly deploying their requested photo display :smile:

I haven’t yet done any type of troubleshooting really but “it doesn’t work”…

The balena.yml file has been updated and this project (photo-slideshow) should now build and run successfully. However @lionhylra it does not yet support the Raspberry Pi4 - please use a Pi3 if possible.

Very cool, thanks for the quick update. The logs look promising, will check actual device shortly.

Not allowed to write another reply, so… Forget what I just wrote - user error, as always :slight_smile: After removing leftover custom variables and just setting GALLERY_URL on the device it now works as expected! :smiley:

Thanks again for your quick work on fixing the repo!

Hi @alanb128 , I was experimenting on a Pi4, which connects to a 4K TV, and it worked. It’s just the animation of slides are really chunky. Not sure it’s because of Pi4 or the large screen.

Glad to hear it’s working for you @lionhylra , I was getting errors with the Pi4. I’ll have to look into it in more detail!