BalenaOS for PC Engine APU boards?

Hi. We use PC Engine APU boards ( and would like to give BalenaOS a try. Is there an image available? The board is based on the AMD Embedded Jaguar CPU (GX-412TC).
Cheers, Nils


We never tried this board.

You could try our Intel NUC image which are for x86-64 machines and see how that goes.


Hey @nils.toedtmann! Working with University of Delaware IT, we were in a similar situation. We have balenaOS deployed and running on several Wyse terminals (generic light computing machines with 2GB of storage and a cheesy AMD processor).

Just like @spanceac said, the Intel NUC image will work!

We decided however, to deploy the generic AMD image. That can be found over here.

Also, be sure to read through the base image documentation. It was a huge help to me!

Thank you @wwalker and @spanceac! We will try the images you suggested. N