UP Board / Intel NUC



I want to use BalenaOS for the UP Squared, and of course the UP board is supported, but is this the same image for the UP Squared?

The UP Squared is an amd64 chipset, so I was wondering if I have to use the UP Board image or the Intel NUC image? Can somebody tell me the difference? Ofcourse the UP Squared has a GPIO interface, so maybe that is one of the reasons.

And are both images regularly updated or is the Intel NUC better supported?

I’ve tried the UP Board image on my UP Squared, and it’s working as expected. But just to be sure I’m making the right decision here!

Thanks in advance!


Hi @vedicium, our UP Board image should support all of the UP board variants: the original UP board, the UP Core, and the UP Squared. Definitely a good choice to use that instead of the Intel NUC image.


Hi @alisondavis17,

We’ve figured that out, but thanks for the confirmation!