New Devices - Ruby R3/Intel Nuc 11


I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi 4 for a project I’m working on. It seems like I might require a more powerful device, and I’m looking at the Intel Nuc’s. I’m hoping to check if a AMD device would be viable?

Specifically I’m looking at these two devices: - Intel Nuc - AMD Ruby

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Hey Spen,

balenaOS does also support “standard” x64 devices, meaning you could just always use any x64 PC with the " Generic x86_64" image - or the “Intel NUC” one ( balenaOS - Run Docker containers on embedded IoT devices? ). However, I don’t know whether these images will support all of the drivers on both the platforms you choose. As a matter of fact, even though I love AMD, I would go with the Intel NUC one, especially as it got on-board ethernet (I am never to keen on using Wifi, if not really necessary, but also just a preference thing). But probably the other balena Gals and Guys can add more to it :slight_smile: - also keep in mind if you need to attach sensors or similar via GPIO for your project, as this could become more tricky with x64 (because most don’t have any, so you need to attach additional boards).



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Awesome answer, thank you very much. I think I’ll stick with the Intel Nuc as well, for the same reason, Ethernet just seems like a safer move. At the moment we aren’t using any GPIO pins on the devices so I’ll keep that in mind as things change in the future.

Thanks @nmaas87

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Most welcome. I would recommend to get one unit and test if it works like you want - and come back when it doesn’t :slight_smile:

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