Intel NUC not quite working as I'd expect


I’m evaluating BalenaCloud for our company. We have Intel i5 SBC devices we’d like to manage.
I’ve created a free BalenaCloud account. Made an app, downloaded the Intel NUC image from the dashboard, put that on the device and booted it up.

My new device comes online in the dashboard. So far so good. But the OS version remains unknown. This in turn makes that I can’t ssh into the device.

Next I tried to deploy the simple-server-node example. But the ‘Current release’ will stay at ‘Factory build’. Not much else is happening.

Also whenever I power cycle the device it is registered as a new device in the dashboard.

All in all not a lot seems to be working the way I’d expect. Could you please give me any pointers to what I might be doing wrong?


Hi Erik,

Do you see any error in the logs? Next, how do you push the latest release to balenaCloud? (balena push or git push, which OS you use, etc). Do you see any errors on your push command? Finally, how is the device connected to the internet?

If you could pass us the device UUID (the device dashboard link) and grant us support access, we will take a look at the device logs and run device diagnostics to see what’s wrong. It’d be good if you could keep the device online and running without a powercycle until we investigate.


Wow, quick reply, nice!

There are no logs whatsoever in the dashboard.
I used balena push to deploy. There where no errors, I got to see the unicorn.
The device is connected using a ethernet cable directly to the router on my desk.

After I enabled support access I can ssh to the device, before I would get an error about it only being possible on Balena OS 2 and up.

The device id is ffd2ac4d10ff6e8e03f4bc9ecff01094 I’ll leave it on.

Hey Erik, I don’t see the balenaEngine or the device supervisor running on this device. Which balenaOS have you installed?

Is it possible to use a different SD card and re-flash it with the latest OS version?
(to rule out a potential problem with the SD card you are using now)

Sure, no problem. Just for clarity I’ll flash the image that comes out of this download button here.

Yes please.

Somthing is starting to dawn on me. So according to the instructions I should burn the Intel NUC image to a USB drive. And then boot the device from that USB drive which will install stuff to the internal drive.

But I’m actually flashing the image straight to the HDD. Our devices don’t have a USB port to make it boot from. Is it possible to get an image that I can just flash onto the main HDD to get started?

The NUC image is a flasher image, it is designed to be written to an usb drive. When booted, it will flash the actual disk image to the NUC’s hard drive.
If you need to flash the hard drive directly, you can extract the image from the second partition of the flasher image (named flash-rootA): it is in opt/resin-image-genericx86-64.resinos-img.

Ok thanks, I’ll give that a go.

Oh yes, that makes all the difference in the world. Sorry for not reading the manual all that carefully.