balenaEtcher displays success but empty sd card

I’ve been trying to write an iso octopring on a sd card for several days.
balenaEtcher performs the task and indicates success…
But, my SD card remains empty with no partitions (even if I format it before).
I disabled the anti-virus (trendNet), pcloud (which also prevents Win32DiskImager from starting)…

but nothing, I don’t know where to look anymore …


Hello @cedbuj

Welcome to the balena Forums.

Do you mean OctoPi ( ?

Please could you provide details of the iso file(URL), the version of Etcher and the version of Windows that you are using.


Hello @markcorbinuk,
Thank you for the answer.
It is octoprint for Robo R2 printer.
I just found why: the image extracted a few days ago from the old backup .zip file was corrupted: this rarely happens though …
thank you

No problem. Please let us know if you have any further issues.