How to restore correct partition size after flashing with balena?

After using your program to flash a common raspbian image on a 32GB Sandisk Ultra cat.A1 it became a 30mb unformattable, unreadable piece of plastic.
Informations contained at Etcher killed my USB stick … or did it? are vague and cannot be performed as every format or every partition creation simply fails with any existing recovery program (diskpart, disk management, sd card formatter, linux shell banana commands, etc).
This happened only after using balena etcher: in the past I used other flashing tools ad I could always recover the correct partition size with sd card formatter, but not this time.

Hey @ruspa, did you try with another SD and experienced the same issue? Also, are you able to reflash the same card with Etcher using a different image?

Hey @ruspa, what OS are you using to attempt recovery (eg. Windows, MacOS, Linux)?
Is it s detected by any other computers?

It’s possible that the SD card has simply worn out from too many writes, since Etcher is not able to physically damage a card, it can only write the bytes from the image provided.

Hey @ruspa!

We’re down to help you get to the bottom of this if you want to provide us with some additional information as requested by my teammates. We’re here to help!