BalenaCam Problem…!!!

Sorry, this is my first post and idrk where to put this so here’s a link to my post) . Please help me out, my BalenaCam does not work. Appreciate it! Tweakbox Appvalley

Hi @VictorThiago this is a good place to post :slight_smile: . Can you describe your what device setup you have for balena Cam, describing the device type and OS version you are using. Can you also indicate where you are seeing those log errors?

I just tried this on my Pi3 A+ and seems I hit the same issue, let me check with the project maintainer, thanks for the report!

Hi @VictorThiago , are you using Chrome browser? I believe the issue is that the latest chrome browsers anonymize local IPs exposed by WebRTC, so this makes balena-cam unable to establish the webRTC link with your browser. To fix this you need to disable this setting in the chrome://flags/ settings page as shown in the screen shot below