How to get balenaCam to balenaDash

have balenaDash running @RPiOne and balenaCam @RPiTwo.
Using the Tohora interface to show the “Public device URL” of balenaCam doesn’t work.
Any idea for debugging?

Hi @noschvie , how is it failing, are there any logs or something you can show us?

My first test was without username/password, but this leads to
07.06.19 17:27:18 (+0200) balena-cam Authorization is disabled.
07.06.19 17:27:18 (+0200) balena-cam Anyone can access your balenaCam, using the device’s URL!
07.06.19 17:27:18 (+0200) balena-cam Set the username and password environment variables
07.06.19 17:27:18 (+0200) balena-cam to enable authorization.

I added username/password to the device variables.
in both cases the screen is white, other pages are ok.

How have I to configure username/password using the Tohora interface? Is this possible or have I change the code of the application?

So the balenaCam works correctly if you view the device’s url on your laptop?

It would be worth checking if the URL for balenaCam renders correctly in your chrome browser, it could be related to the current VPN incident (used for tunneling the deviceURL), you can see that here .

My other thought is that perhaps balenaDash (WPE) can handle the web RTC elements, not sure if its supported in that brower

Yes, using Firefox @Windows is ok.
But Safari or Firefox @iPad are broken.

Hi, we’re still investigating what might be the cause. Did you get the chance to try Chrome as well on both platforms?

As far as I am aware, Safari on iOS is not currently supported, and neither is WPE. I’ve just tested these browsers on my setup and can reproduce the fact that they don’t work. I’ve created issues for this in the balenaCam repository here:

As for passwords using Tohora, it’s not supported but as balenaCam uses basic HTTP authentication you can pass the username and password in the URL like so: http://username:password@ although it’s obviously not much use until the stream works in WPE!

@mbalamat is the lead on this project so hopefully he can take a look.

Hi @noschvie , awesome idea to use balenaCam and WPE, the main issue of WPE is that it doesn’t have webrtc implemented yet. You can try out this branch though that uses MJPEG streaming on the cases that webrtc throws unexpected errors.

Any other ideas, suggestions are welcome, thanks!

Hi @mbalamat, I don’t need RTC for my “idea”, just have a “fixed image” from the cam and a refresh with a 5 minutes interval would be enough. Is this supported by balenaCam? If not, what is needed to such a project?

@noschvie what’s your opinion about

ups, sorry, didn’t notice the branch. Will test this version…

Hi @mbalamat, using …/wpe_demo branch doesn’t improve that. balenaCam is shown @Firefox but not using balenaDash

@noschvie you should find that with the wpe_demo branch that it does display with balenaDash but it flickers quite badly - if you’re not getting that something else must be wrong. I’m working on it to see if we can find a fix for the flickering.

@noschvie if you don’t get an image then something else is wrong. About the flickering problem @chrisys had an idea on how to solve this using a canvas element, you could try out this branch