How to use balenaCam with USB camera device

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I am using a spare USB camera device connect with the raspberry follow the article here

Logs when device start

But when I enabled public URL, the video does not render. It just keep loading like this. Do you have any idea?

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It seems like you are hitting the issue where your local IP address is hidden. Can you please confirm which browser you are using? You will find the supported browsers here

Also note that you might need to enable additional settings as mentioned here.

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Thanks for your quick reply. I am trying on Safari, my public URL

I also grant support access to my device Can you help investigate more?

hello, it seems like the device is offline? can you please check?

ah sorry, I switch it off for testing other thing. Turned on again. Can you try remote again now?

A file has been uploaded using Jellyfish:

hey there, It seems to be working with chrome. Can you please try with the chrome browser?

I had to

  • enable chrome://flags/#temporary-unexpire-flags-m85
  • disable chrome://flags/#enable-webrtc-hide-local-ips-with-mdns
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Thank you, its now working on my Firefox.

One more question, do you know how to put the streaming working with this Ant Media Server? The Stream URL does not recognized my Public URL

Hi there, what do you mean when you say it is not recognised? Is there an error message that appears?

Hi there, sorry for late reply. There is no error message display at all.
Below are the format that Ant Media support for restreaming, do you know if we can get the supported URL from balena public URL?

Ant Media Server can operate with different streaming flows. As well as accepting and creating streaming media, it also has the capability to pull live streams from external sources. Such as; live TV streams, IP camera streams or other forms of live streams(RTSP, HLS, TS, FLV etc.). We will show how to pull live streams with Web Interface.

Hey there,
As the balenaCam project stands, I do not believe you will be able to stream the feed directly. What is served on the public url is a webpage that is streaming the feed.

I have created an issue to track this . If you go about trying to implement this yourself, PRs are always welcomed :slight_smile:

hope this is helpful

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