Balenacam on Raspberry pi Zero not seeing

Trying my first project everything looks fine, except from not seeing anything from the picam.

Log say
ValueError: ‘e798ac7f-bcb9-40c5-ac98-c4c56ceefaf3.local’ does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 address

Any help?


@duzcategui Welcome to the Balena forums.
Can you point us to the project / instructions you are using ?
The log you posted indicates that an invalid IP address was set somewhere. e798ac7f-bcb9-40c5-ac98-c4c56ceefaf3.local is unlikely to resolve to a valid ip address. If it refers to the address of a balena device ‘e798ac7’ 'e798ac7.local’or would typically be the host name.

Would you be able to enable support access for the device and send me a link to it?