Balena-cam doesnt show the camera output

Hi all,

New to Balena, but loving it so far. The tutorials are all super helpful so thanks for that. However…

I followed the balena-cam tutorial and get all the way to end, when i try and view the camera i just get a blank page. There is no obvious error in the network logs and nothing on the Balena logs:

Hi @jameshiscott thanks for trying out balenaCam. Can you provide me with the following info:

  1. What Pi model do you use? (Pi3, PiZero etc)
  2. What camera module do you use?
  3. What browser do you use (chrome I guess, version?)
  4. What was your console’s output. (In your screenshots I see the network tab)
  5. If you do console.log(state) on your browser’s console what is the output?

Thanks for the fast response:

  1. Pi3
  2. Its a 3rd party version of OmniVision OV5647 (AKA: The Raspbery Pi Camera) connected via the on board port and works nativly in Rasbian
  3. Chrome, latest version (75)
  4. Yep it was the network tab, was looking for connection errors 400 etc
  5. Sure see screenshot

@jameshiscott can you paste here the console’s output?


It wont let me past it as “new users can only add 5 links”… so i have added it to txt file (and had to name it .log as .txt is not allowed)

Consolelog.log (6.0 KB)

ps. happy to grant support access if that will help

@jameshiscott do you see any errors or restarts on your balena-dashboard logs?

@mbalamat nope, see attached log

dashboardlogs-12.07.19_11_34_37_( 0100).log (9.1 KB)

@jameshiscott can you remove the PYTHONWARNINGS environment variable entirely and restart balenaCam and send me the logs after this process

@mbalamat Done, now only has username and password



Log2-12.07.19_11_50_27_( 0100).log (15.1 KB)

@jameshiscott I think I found the issue, I am looking into it. Can you try firefox instead of chrome?

@mbalamat Ha, yep works in FF. Interestingly it also works on the browser sack version of chrome, so must be specific to my version 75.0.3770.100

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@mbalamat okay, it seems to just be working in chrome now…

However in an interesting twist it now shows two copies of the image, which is interesting… I havnt changed anything


hi @jameshiscott, do you have this issue only in chrome and not in firefox? Can you send me the console’s log. Also if you inspect the two mirrored elements what elements are they (their IDs maybe)?