Balena Sound install issues

I have downloaded the Balena OS file for Raspberry Pi 4-4GB (balena-cloud-balena-sound-raspberrypi4-64-2.53.12+rev1-v11.9.9.img), while loading it on the RPI, it gets to the large green cube logo and is now 90 minutes without any screen activity,(there is WiFi activity). How long does it take to download the Bluetooth Audio Service?

(Now that you have balenaOS up and running on your Raspberry Pi, it will start to download and prepare the Bluetooth Audio service.)

Hi Mike, nothing is actually expected to be shown on the screen. You will need to check your balenaCloud dashboard to see if the device is Online, and the container services are running. If that is in fact the case, then, you should be able to proceed on and try to locate the device with your Spotify app, Airplay, etc.

Got it. I was waiting for something to come up on the screen.