Balena Sound Airplay: Waiting for audioblock to start...

H everyone, I am quite new here, I’ve tried to find a solution for this but I cannot find anything, It would really help if someone could assist me. I am using Raspberry 4 with Balena Sound project.
Airplay service is “running” but not really working.

Waiting for audioblock to start…

BalenaOS version: [ [balenaOS 2.82.10+rev1]
Supervisor version: [12.10.1]

I already send the option to Deploy with Balena but no change.

Thank you!

Hi @juanandrius1,

Thanks for reaching out. Can you help with full set of logs for us to debug this further?



We have identified an issue with 2.82.10 on Raspberry Pi devices. Can you try an older release for balenaOS and see if that works fine for you?

Hi! We haven’t heard back from you since we suggested you to run an older version of balenaOS due to an issue with the then-latest version. Did that work for you?

Anyway, I’d like to inform that said issue has been fixed, so any balenaOS version since 2.83.10 should be working fine!