Balena Screenly showing small images (not full screen)

I have installed Screenly using Balean onto a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB. Testing on a Samsung 65" LCD TV and the scrolling images play fine and at full screen. However the Pi has been deplyed and connected to a smaller Samsung 42" TV. For an unknown reason, the images are shrunk down in size to the middle of the screen and there is a blank white screen displayed longer than the transitioning images.

Any idea what could be causing this please? Part of me is thinking it is to do with the HDMI / 4K?

I have adjusted RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem from 16 to 192. Are there any other system variables that should be changed?

Example of issue (pixelated for privacy).

Many thanks.

Our company has invested significantly in the development on Balena for the purpose of Digital Signage on Raspberry Pi and specifically Pi4. As for the Balena platform, we ran into a ton of anomalies along the way relating to screen/display support and performance. At this point we believe we resolved them all. However, the resolutions would be to much to cover here as they touched Balena configuration, the browser block and our App in order to support screens of all sizes. Good job on the GPU setting. One additional thing you could try is disabling overscan. We’ve seen this fix some problems similar to what you are experiencing: BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_disable_overscan

You can also try our app if you only need one screen. We offer one free player but it’s fully functional with only a couple limitations related to how many assets are allowed in the library.

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@Tissy. let us know how it goes if you get a chance to try @brownster 's suggestion which seems like the next best option to try.

Thanks Chad