Force Screenly OSE to Display on GPIO LCD Screen (Terminal is displayed on LCD while Screenly is on HDMI)

I am building small 3.5 inch wifi media players for displays at game night to display our avatars.

I have a build of Raspbian that I have installed the LCD drivers correctly
I have installed Screenly OSE on top of that and it is a working install locked to the resolution of the LCD screen
When he Pi boots it displays the scrolling text on both the GPIO lcd and the HDMI but when Screenly boots it only displays on the HDMI connection.
The terminal is still active on the GIPO LCD screen, sudo raspi-config results in the OSM on the 3.5in LCD.

Using a Raspberry Pi 3b +

The install scripts should have all the information that I need to tell Screenly configuration

hdmi_cvt 480 320 60 6 0 0 0

I understand screenly/resin has its own configuration.
I assume I just need to tell the Screenly software to change display but I do not know where or how?

Sorry this is mostly new to me, but trying to learn a new project thanks to all the great forum members

Hi @duey2k just to clarify are you using raspbian and not balenaOS? I’d recommend to follow this blog post in order to setup screenly OSE on balena. Also in order to see how to set any configuration variables like the ones you mention on balena-cloud you can check our docs page here .

Also @duey2k another helpful resource about the variables you might want to take a look at in order to force display on gpio LCD screen is