RP4 display all of the content, but not on the entire screen after chromium block update

I have been following this project for a while now, and may I start off by saying it is awesome! I recently updated to the latest version as I was hoping it being ported directly from the browser block, some issues would be resolved, main one being the sizing issue I am having on a Vizio 32" screen (Picture of specs and issue attached below.) When I updated, there were quite a few things that were resolved, but unfortunately this was not one…

I have tried solutions like the one outlined here, and even a large amount of other random configurations as well. The closest I can get is to it filling the entire length, but then it has an even shorter width with using the WINDOW_SIZE flag and I set it to 1920, 1080 as recommended. The odd things as that the Balena Logo displays full screen when it boots up, so I know it can display at that size, it’s just the browser. Any suggestions?

Thanks for posting @rjoel98 :slight_smile:

Just for reference this is duplicated over on GitHub as well.

Have you set a BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_cvt variable as described here?

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Thank you for the quick reply, unfortunately I was not able to test out what your suggested until today. I will try to be more on top of it though!

After following the directions made the display only show half of the screen like the third picture above. I am not positive if I fully understand this setting though, I tried setting BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_cvt to 1920 1080 60 9 0 0 0 and even the example on the page 480 320 60 1 0 0 0 and I had no luck. Am I not setting these to the propper variables?

Also, I decided to do a fresh pull from github and do a new application in bitnami, now the display is slightly bigger, but still not the entire screen, and it is off the top and the left side, but you can only really tell when you go back the login page. I tried using WINDOW_POSITION and setting it to 0,0, but it did not move the display. Any suggestions for this also?

Hey Ryan

Can you please remove the above BALENA_HOST_hdmi_cvt env var and try the following:

set in device configuration:

BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_group to 2
BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_mode to 82

Please make sure the above variables are set as device config variables

Can you also add the following service variables to the kiosk service

WINDOW_SIZE set to 1920,1080

Does this help?


Hi @rahul-thakoor,

I did what you suggested above, and it seems to have solved the size issue, but it almost seems to screen display is too big and it extends past the screen on all 4 sides. It is centered now though and fills the screen which is good. It’s just that once you get past the login. I wonder if it is a scaling issue overall, versus just the kiosk container as the Balena logo at startup looks a bit bigger than before, and the chromium password saver pop-up is also outside the screen’s view. I deffinitly think we’re closer, but any suggestions for this?

Thank you so much!

Hi Ryan,

Our engineers have been able to reproduce this error on the same hardware you’re using, but we haven’t yet been able to pin down a fix. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


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So after messing around with it a bit more, I realized that the TV ended up putting itself into wide display mode after I made the changes, which caused the content to be cut off on all 4 sides. After switching it back to normal, the issue was resolved fully. I do wonder why the TV felt that it needed to display in wide mode, so if you all find a solution that would be great as now every time the pi restarts you have to go in and reset the TV to normal view.

Thank you!

Maybe you can also try with other settings such as setting

BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_group to 1
BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_mode to 16

You can find more about these options here

Hi There,

i ran into the same issue.
some news on that topic?

Hey @makai

Did you try setting the WINDOW_SIZE environment variable to the correct setting for your display?


Hi @phil-d-wilson,
my settings in the start script running on a raspberry pi 4 (4GB)
"chromium --kiosk $URL --disable-gpu --window-position=0,0 --window-size=$SCREEN_WIDTH,$SCREEN_WIDTH --disable-software-rasterizer --disable-dev-shm-usage --start-fullscreen --noerrdialogs --disable-translate --no-first-run --fast --fast-start --disable-infobars"

settings in balena

device variables:

device configuration:
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem: 128
BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_group: 1
BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_mode: 16

i have multiple tv screens on the wall, different vendors, different sizs (43" to 50")
all the same behavior. so my idea is having a fleet of 10 monitors in the office

while booting up, the splash screen has the correct size though

i forked this repo: GitHub - jayatvars/balena-chromium-kiosk: BalenaOS/BalenaCloud based Kiosk using Chromium on a RaspberryPi

is there something i have overseen?


Is there any specific reason why you are using that particular project? That’s a fork of a project that we have archived - and that user hasn’t update his fork in over 2 years.

Can you try GitHub - balenalabs/balena-dash: Build a Raspberry Pi based desktop dashboard for stats, photos, videos and more! instead - this is the browser project that our team currently maintains. It’s quite actively developed, and is based on the browser block project that you can find here

Hi @anujdeshpande
well, that worked :slight_smile: thanks