RP4 display all of the content, but not on the entire screen after chromium block update

I have been following this project for a while now, and may I start off by saying it is awesome! I recently updated to the latest version as I was hoping it being ported directly from the browser block, some issues would be resolved, main one being the sizing issue I am having on a Vizio 32" screen (Picture of specs and issue attached below.) When I updated, there were quite a few things that were resolved, but unfortunately this was not one…

I have tried solutions like the one outlined here, and even a large amount of other random configurations as well. The closest I can get is to it filling the entire length, but then it has an even shorter width with using the WINDOW_SIZE flag and I set it to 1920, 1080 as recommended. The odd things as that the Balena Logo displays full screen when it boots up, so I know it can display at that size, it’s just the browser. Any suggestions?

Thanks for posting @rjoel98 :slight_smile:

Just for reference this is duplicated over on GitHub as well.

Have you set a BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_cvt variable as described here?