Slow loading images

Currently have multiple display projects running balenaos 2.38+rev1 v9.15.7 with screenly-ose running on a pi3b+ that there main purpose is digital signage where the display scroll through different images. Did an update to the latest BalenaOS along with the latest screenly-ose. Now when the images are scrolling there is a blank pause in between each image and the images load slowly. I’m thinking of rolling back to the previous version where everything was running good, so I won’t have these issues. If someone can help me identify what this issue is, then I will continue to run with the new versions of both. Here are the variables I have configured for all displays. It looks likes something is interfering with the video memory of the pi3 or something is using more resources than the older versions of the software or OS.

RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay - “pi3-disable-bt”
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_group - 1
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_hdmi_mode - 16
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_display_hdmi_rotate - 0
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_dtparam - “spi=on”,“audio=on”
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_gpu_mem - 192
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_avoid_warnings - 1
RESIN_HOST_CONFIG_disable_overscan - 1

Hey there @tbctech I did reply on your other thread too, but it might be better if we keep on-topic here instead. Over there I said:

Hey there, following on from my colleague’s question [about the 2 versions of balenaOS and screenly], what you can also do is try the latest version of Screenly on both the working and non-working OS versions if you haven’t already. If the problem exists only on the newer balenaOS version, then we know it could be a change made to balenaOS which introduced the issue, but if the problem exists on both then it’s possible that a change in Screenly introduced the issue. Once we have an idea where the problem started hopefully that’ll give us a better idea of where to look next.